Metaverse Tower Defense

Announcing my upcoming game on Roblox, Metaverse Tower Defense.

Metaverse Tower Defense
The "Pro" troop shooting at two "Normal" zombies.

You may know that I love Roblox – You also probably know that I love coding. What happens when you put Roblox and coding together? You get a game developer excited to make fun games for others to enjoy.

I love tower defense games. When my friend introduced me to "Tower Defense Simulator" on Roblox, I just fell in love instantly.

So, I was inspired to make my own TD (Tower Defense) game. My ex-best friend (who I met through TDS) would be the Creative Director, and I would be the Lead Developer. Well, I'm not totally alone in this journey now. My other friend inspired me to pick it up again, after losing motivation when me and Creative Director went our own ways. We, plus another friend of mine, now make up the team behind "Fancy Penguin Studios".

Currently, the game has multiple waves of enemies, a tower for them to attack, and troops with multiple levels. I also made a website for it.

I won't be making much progress on the game these upcoming months. This week I've got some tests on top of homework and the next couple months there are 3 games updating that I must play and one new game coming out, which also happens to be a TD game.

Thanks for reading, hope I didn't bore you to death :) I try to post often!